Tabosan Muhendislik lmalat ve montaj anonim sirketi

Tabosan Muhendislik lmalat ve montaj anonim sirketi was established in 1979 with 15 personnel's and small machines. Today our company manufactures its goods in a 38.000 m² open and 15.000 m² closed area. Our resolution and Consistency on hardworking had led us after 1989 to 50% more turnover. In 1993 116% and in 1998 366% growth gave us power to be a market leader. Now we are able to produce 45.000 tons steel Construction annually. Of course for all these success we are thankful to our 200 personnel's. For about 30 years our company makes different applications from steel. For example LPG tanks, Lightweight steel buildings, turnkey industrial constructions, airports etc. In this point our engineers, Project managers, production and montage responsible work with full capacity according to shift System. In brief, everyone, who corporate with us, receives full and just in time service.

Address Izmit-Gِlcük Karayolu, No:21
PK 21 41650 Gِlcük KOCAELI / TـRKIYE. (Pbx: 10)
Tel : +90 262 433 23 47
Fax : +90 262 321 71 93
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Address: Imam Khomeini Port, Postal Agency 113, PO Box 161

Phone :061-523-41517-8
Telephones : 021-88945001
customer relation management : 06152262111