The element of 44 :

Economic system of Islamic republic of iran is based on 3 zones, co operational, governmental, and informal with a clear and true schematization.

  • Governmental zone including whole great industries, basic industries, external mercantile, huge minerals, banking, insurance, energy securing, sluices, huge water flooding networks, radio and television, post and telephone and telegram, aviation, sailing, roads and railways and so on are public ownership and are liberties of government.
  • Co operational zone including firms and corporations of producing and presenting that works in cities and villages under islamic terms.
  • Informal zone including a part of agronomy, ranching, industries and trades and services that are in complement with fovernment and Co operational economic activities. Ownership of these 3 zones, unless it has no difference with other parts of this element, and has no outgoing from islamic terms, and causes to growth of the economic activities, and also had no harm for the society, is under shelter of the islamic republic. Topic details and situation of these 3 zones is made by internal law.

Informality process of the company

Informality organization in case of operating the first step of the 4th program of development of economic, public and cultural activities in islamic republic and followed precepts and bulletin of his highness the leader of islamic revolution about the element of 44, in very start of 2007, tries to make a survey of Razi petrochemical industry and in Feb. 2007 it starts to sale with a notice for outcry from the informality organization.





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