RPC inaugurated its first phase in 1 968 with a design capacity of I 000 tonnes of Ammonia,500 tonnes of Urea, 480 tonnes of Phosphoric Acid, 1 320 tonnes of Sulphuric Acid and 300 tonnes of DAP and 2x547 tonnes of Sulphur daily. Over 30 years, RPC has progressively developed its productive units, production capacities and products quality.This steady growth and success made RPC the largest fertilizer producer in Iran and put RPC among the leading exporters ofAmmonia and Urea in Iran. Through the years, RPC plants have been extensively developed and modernized to be compatible with the latest technology in order to ensure continuous supply of high quality products. Presently this complex comprises following completely integrated trains; with the annual capacity of 3,700,000 tonnes

  • Dehydration Unit
  • Gas liquid Separation Unit
  • Three Gas Treatment Units
  • Three Sulphur Recovery Units
  • Sulphur Granulation unit
  • Tow Ammonia Units
  • Tow Urea Units
  • Three Sulphuric Acid Units
  • Two DAP Units
  • Phosphoric acid Unit

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