R&D . INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the early 1360, after the Islamic Revolution victory of Iran, on the basis of scientific self ? reliance necessity research activities began in petrochemical industry.
Although, at the beginning activities were not organized, but later on, specially at the time of preparation and collection of second development program of national petrochemical company a committee established and activated for programming that called research and development committee.
In 1373, in total engineering and research affairs of production under supervision of national petrochemical company?s operations management, research and development of the complexes has established and has begun beneficial activities in all the petrochemical complexes and two research and development centers have established in Bandar Imam and Arak petrochemical complexes.
The daily exceeding need for research affairs in petrochemical complexes caused to spread the organization and separates it into two engineering and researching departments that finally on 10/10/76 according to ratified 747 of board of management in national petrochemical company the formation of research and development department under supervision of production control management and the formation of research and development units in eight petrochemical complex connected to national petrochemical company under provision of complex management, was approved . With this policy research opened its way through the petrochemical industries.
The formation and start of research and development of Razi petrochemical in early 1377 was simultaneous with other complexes.
Hitherto this center has made 55 researching projects conclusion contracts that 24 of them have finished and the rest of them are in the performing phase.


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