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Mahshahr Port

Mahshahr port is situated at the extreme northeast of Khuzestan province near the Khormousa estuary. It is bounded on the north by Ahwaz and Ramhormoz; on the east by Behbahan; on the west by Khoramshahr and on the south by the Persian Gulf.

The area of Mahshar is over 7,300 km2. The altitude of Mahshahr is 3m above the sea level. It consists of 3 districts: Central, Bandar Imam and Hendijan.
Mahshahr is 1032km from Tehran, 151 km from Ahwaz, 95km from Abadan, 72km from Aghajari and 18km from Bandar Imam Khomeini.
It is humid and maximum summer temperature is as high as 48 C. The average temperature for the whole year is about 25 C. The average humidity is
65% at 06:30am and 40% at 06:30pm. Average annual precipitation in Mahshahr is 195.8mm.
Mahshahr, literally meaning "City of the Moon", is one of the most ancient ports in the Persian Gulf. Formerly called Mashoor, the city consists of two sections; the old and the new Mahshahr.
The new Mahshahr came into existence when a loading facility for oil tankers was constructed. It had been the largest in the country before the Kharg Island oil loading facility was built. To date, Iran's largest natural gas plant and gas loading facility are in Mahshahr. The products of Abadan refinery are also exported by the same facility.
The new section of the city is 3km far from the old section. According to the 1996 census, Mahshahr population was over 88,000. In 2001, the population was estimated at 100,000. The majority of the population dwell in the old section.
Zohre and Jarahi rivers flow in the vicinity of the city. It has a few historical places including Aask (Kalat) city, Salehak Village and Basif Castle.
In addition to its oil and gas installations, Mahshahr is notably important for its petrochemical industry.

Imam Khomeini Port

The Port lies at the extreme northwest part of the Persian Gulf. It is situated at east of Abadan and Khoramshahr and southeast of Ahwaz. Imam Khomeini Port is connected to the Persian Gulf via Khormousa estuary. It is one of the world's most important natural canals. Vessels of up to 100,000 tones ought to pass through this canal en route to Bandar Imam Khomeini and Mahshahr.
Imam Khomeini Port is currently Iran's largest marine terminal. It has 36 docks with an annual loading/unloading capacity Of over 4 million tones and storage capacity of 1 million tone.
The development of the petrochemical industry in the region in the past recent years has aided in considerable growth of the port. Bandar Imam Khomeini, Razi and Farabi Petrochemical Complexes as well as Bandar Imam Petrochemical Special Economic Zone are among the country's largest industrial establishments that are located in this port city.


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